Jerry O'Connell

Jerry O'Connell
Jerry O'Connell

Jeremiah O'Connell, known professionally as Jerry O'Connell, is an American actor, director and talk show host, known for his roles as Quinn Mallory in the television series Sliders, Andrew Clements in My Secret Identity, Vern Tessio in the film Stand by Me (1986), Joe in Joe's Apartment (1996), Frank Cushman in Jerry Maguire (1996), Derek in Scream 2 (1997), Charlie Carbone in Kangaroo Jack (2003), and Detective Woody Hoyt on the drama Crossing Jordan. He starred as Pete Kaczmarek in the single 2010–2011 season of The Defenders. He also had a starring role in the comedy horror film Piranha 3D (2010). Currently, he voices Commander Jack Ransom on the animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks.

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General Info
Date of Birth
January 23rd, 1978
Birth Place
United States of America, New York, New York City
Star Sign
188 cm | 6'2
Social Networks , Links
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Vern Tessio in Stand by Me
Derrick Jones in Piranha 3D
Quinn Mallory, Gareth Carr in Sliders
Charlie Carbone in Kangaroo Jack
Ben in Obsessed
Superman, Clark Kent, Cyborg Superman in Reign of the Supermen
Detective Woody Hoyt in Crossing Jordan
Commander Jack Ransom in Star Trek: Lower Decks
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