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List of Famous People named Ismail

Similar names: Ismaila, Esmail, Izmail. Here are some famous Ismails:

1. Ismail Marzuki

Ismail Marzuki
Male. Indonesian composer of patriotic songs
First Name: Ismail
Last Name: Marzuki
Born on May 11, 1914
Died on May 25, 1958 (aged 44)
Born in Indonesia
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2. Ismail Sabri Yaakob

Ismail Sabri Yaakob
Male. 9th and current Prime Minister of Malaysia
First Name: Ismail
Last Name: Yaakob
Born on January 18, 1960 (age 62)
Born in Malaysia, Pahang
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3. Ismail Haniyeh

Ismail Haniyeh
Male. Palestinian politician
First Name: Ismail
Last Name: Haniyeh
Born on January 29, 1963 (age 59)
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4. Ismail I, Sultan of Granada

Male. Sultan of Granada (1279-1325)
First Name: Ismail
Last Name: Granada
Born on January 1, 1279
Died on January 1, 1325 (aged 46)

5. Ismail I

Ismail I
Male. Shah of Iran
First Name: Ismail
Last Name: I
Died on May 23, 1524
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6. Ismail Darbar

Ismail Darbar
Male. Indian composer
First Name: Ismail
Last Name: Darbar
Born on June 1, 1964 (age 58)
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7. İsmail Ege Şaşmaz

Male. Turkish actor
First Name: İsmail
Last Name: Şaşmaz
Born on November 25, 1993 (age 29)

8. Ismail Khan

Ismail Khan
Male. Afghan politician
First Name: Ismail
Last Name: Khan
Born on January 1, 1946 (age 76)
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9. Ismail Yasin

Ismail Yasin
Male. Egyptian actor (1912-1972)
First Name: Ismail
Last Name: Yasin
Born on September 15, 1912
Died on May 24, 1972 (aged 59)

10. Ismail Petra of Kelantan

Ismail Petra of Kelantan
Male. Sultan of Kelantan (1949-2019)
First Name: Ismail
Last Name: Kelantan
Born on November 11, 1949
Died on September 28, 2019 (aged 69)
Born in Malaysia, Kelantan

11. Ismail Merchant

Ismail Merchant
Male. Indian-born film producer and director (1936-2005)
First Name: Ismail
Last Name: Merchant
Born on December 25, 1936
Died on May 25, 2005 (aged 68)
Born in India

12. İsmail Kahraman

İsmail Kahraman
Male. Turkish politician
First Name: İsmail
Last Name: Kahraman
Born on December 7, 1940 (age 81)
Born in Rize Province

13. Ismail Matar

Ismail Matar
Male. Emirati footballer
First Name: Ismail
Last Name: Matar
Born on April 7, 1983 (age 39)
Height: 168 cm | 5'6
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14. İsmail Hacıoğlu

Male. Turkish actor
First Name: İsmail
Last Name: Hacıoğlu
Born on November 30, 1985 (age 37)

15. İsmail YK

İsmail YK
Male. Turkish singer
First Name: İsmail
Last Name: YK
Born on July 5, 1978 (age 44)

16. İsmail Saymaz

İsmail Saymaz
Male. Turkish journalist
First Name: İsmail
Last Name: Saymaz
Born on July 11, 1980 (age 42)
Born in Rize Province

17. Ismail Atalan

Male. German-Turkish football manager
First Name: Ismail
Last Name: Atalan
Born on April 1, 1980 (age 42)
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18. İsmail Kartal

İsmail Kartal
Male. Turkish footballer
First Name: İsmail
Last Name: Kartal
Born on June 15, 1961 (age 61)

19. İsmail Köybaşı

İsmail Köybaşı
Male. Turkish footballer
First Name: İsmail
Last Name: Köybaşı
Born on July 10, 1989 (age 33)
Born in Hatay
Height: 179 cm | 5'10

20. İsmail Hakkı Karadayı

Male. Turkish general
First Name: İsmail
Last Name: Karadayı
Born on April 25, 1932
Died on May 25, 2020 (aged 88)
Born in Turkey
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