List of Famous people with last name Kagan

Veniamin Kagan

Вениамин Фёдорович Каган
First Name Veniamin
Born on March 10, 1869
Died on May 8, 1953 (aged 84)
Born in Lithuania

Veniamin Fedorovich Kagan was a Russian and Soviet mathematician and expert in geometry. He is the maternal grandfather of mathematicians Yakov Sinai and Grigory Barenblatt.

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Elie Kagan

First Name Elie
Last Name Kagan
Born on March 26, 1928
Died on January 25, 1999 (aged 70)
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Jeremy Kagan

First Name Jeremy
Last Name Kagan
Born on December 14, 1945 (age 78)

Jeremy Paul Kagan is an American film and television director, screenwriter, and television producer.

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Michael Kagan

First Name Michael
Last Name Kagan
Born on August 16, 1937 (age 86)

Michael Kagan is an American actor.

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Diane Kagan

First Name Diane
Last Name Kagan
Born on November 25, 1935 (age 88)
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Kutlug I Bilge Kagan

First Name Kutlug
Died on January 1, 0747

Kutlug I Bilge Boyla Khagan, also known by his throne name Qutlugh Bilge Köl Qaghan, and in Chinese sources the personal name of Yaoluoge Yibiaobi (藥羅葛逸标苾) was the Kaghan of Uyghur Khaganate, the successor state of the Second Turkic Khaganate. He ruled from 744 to 747 AD.

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