List of Famous people with last name Carrouges

Jean de Carrouges

First Name Jean
Last Name Carrouges
Born on November 30, 1329
Died on September 25, 1396 (aged 66)
Born in France, Normandy

Sir Jean de Carrouges IV was a French knight who governed estates in Normandy as a vassal of Count Pierre d'Alençon and served under Admiral Jean de Vienne in several campaigns against the English and the forces of the Ottoman Empire. He became infamous in medieval France for fighting in the last judicial duel permitted by the French king and the Parlement of Paris. The combat was decreed in 1386 to contest charges of rape Carrouges had brought against his neighbour and erstwhile friend Jacques Le Gris on behalf of his wife Marguerite. It was attended by much of the highest French nobility of the time led by King Charles VI and his family, including a number of royal dukes. It was also attended by thousands of ordinary Parisians and in the ensuing decades was chronicled by such notable medieval historians as Jean Froissart, Jean Juvénal des Ursins and Jean de Waurin.

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Marguerite de Carrouges

First Name Marguerite
Last Name Carrouges
Born on January 1, 1362
Died on January 1, 1419 (aged 57)

Marguerite de Carrouges born De Thibouville was a French noblewoman. She married Jean de Carrouges in 1380. The only daughter of Jeanne de Bois Héroult and of the highly controversial Robert de Thibouville, a Norman lord who had twice sided against the French king in territorial conflicts, betrayals he was lucky to survive, albeit in reduced circumstances. By the union of Marguerite and Carrouges, de Thibouville hoped to restore his family's status while Carrouges was hoping for an heir from the young Marguerite, whom contemporaries described as “young, noble, wealthy, and also very beautiful".

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