List of Famous People born in Beirut Governorate, Lebanon

Beirut Governorate is a Lebanese governorate that consists of one district and one city, Beirut, which is also its capital, and the capital of Lebanon.

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1. Keanu Reeves
Keanu Charles Reeves

Keanu Reeves
Male. Canadian actor, producer and musician
First Name: Keanu
Born on September 2, 1964 (age 57)
Height: 185 cm | 6'1"

2. Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa
Female. American social media personality and former porn actress
First Name: Mia
Last Name: Khalifa
Born on February 10, 1993 (age 28)
Height: 157 cm | 5'2"

3. Amal Clooney

Amal Clooney
Female. British-Lebanese lawyer, activist and author
First Name: Amal
Last Name: Clooney
Born on February 3, 1978 (age 43)
Height: 174 cm | 5'9"

4. Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr
Male. American basketball player and coach
First Name: Steve
Last Name: Kerr
Born on September 27, 1965 (age 56)
Height: 190 cm | 6'3"
Basketballer, Sportsperson

5. Léa Salamé
Hala Salamé

Léa Salamé
Female. French-Lebanese journalist
First Name: Léa
Last Name: Salamé
Born on October 27, 1979 (age 42)

6. Mika
Michael Holbrook Penniman Jr.

Male. British-Lebanese singer-songwriter
Born on August 18, 1983 (age 38)

7. Fairuz
نهاد وديع حداد

Female. Lebanese musician
Born on November 21, 1935 (age 86)

8. Nadine Nassib Njeim

Nadine Nassib Njeim
Female. Lebanese actress and beauty queen
First Name: Nadine
Born on February 7, 1984 (age 37)

9. MoTrip

Male. German rapper
Born on March 7, 1988 (age 33)

10. Hady Amr

Hady Amr
Male. Senior US advisor
First Name: Hady
Last Name: Amr
Born on November 30, 1966 (age 55)

11. Ricky Shayne
George Albert Tabett

Ricky Shayne
Male. French-Lebanese recording artist; singer
First Name: Ricky
Last Name: Shayne
Born on June 4, 1944 (age 77)

12. Nancy Ajram
نانسي نبيل عجرم‎

Nancy Ajram
Female. Lebanese singer
First Name: Nancy
Last Name: Ajram
Born on May 16, 1983 (age 38)

13. Manuel Charr

Manuel Charr
Male. Syrian boxer
First Name: Manuel
Last Name: Charr
Born on October 10, 1984 (age 37)
Height: 192 cm | 6'4"
Boxer, Sportsperson

14. Delphine Seyrig

Delphine Seyrig
Female. French actress and a film director
First Name: Delphine
Last Name: Seyrig
Born on April 10, 1932
Died on October 15, 1990 (aged 58)

15. Marcus Lemonis

Marcus Lemonis
Male. American businessman
First Name: Marcus
Last Name: Lemonis
Born on November 16, 1973 (age 48)

16. Ibrahim Maalouf

Ibrahim Maalouf
Male. French-Lebanese trumpeter
First Name: Ibrahim
Last Name: Maalouf
Born on November 5, 1980 (age 41)

17. Hassan Diab

Hassan Diab
Male. Lebanese engineer, academic and minister of higher education
First Name: Hassan
Last Name: Diab
Born on January 6, 1959 (age 62)

18. Hovik Keuchkerian
Hovik Keuchkerian Burgui

Hovik Keuchkerian
Male. Spanish actor, writer and poet
First Name: Hovik
Born on November 14, 1972 (age 49)
Boxer, Sportsperson

19. Jean-Pierre Rassam

Jean-Pierre Rassam
Male. French film producer
First Name: Jean-Pierre
Last Name: Rassam
Born on October 14, 1941
Died on January 28, 1985 (aged 43)

20. Ragheb Alama

Ragheb Alama
Male. singer, composer, television personality
First Name: Ragheb
Last Name: Alama
Born on June 7, 1962 (age 59)
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