Galilea Francisca Montijo

Galilea Francisca Montijo
Galilea Francisca Montijo

Galilea Montijo is a Mexican actress, comedian, model, and TV presenter. She currently hosts Hoy, a morning show of Televisa that airs on Mondays through Fridays in Mexico and in the United States. Montijo hosted the talent-reality show Pequeños Gigantes, which was a success in Mexico and in the United States in its 1st and 2nd editions. In 2014, she hosted "Va Por Ti" - a co-production of Univision and Televisa that first aired on Univision, beating the competition in the ratings. In 2015, she hosts "Me Pongo De Pie" wich will air in Mexico and the United States.

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General Info
Full Name
Martha Galilea Montijo Torres
Date of Birth
June 5th, 1972
Birth Place
Mexico, Jalisco
Star Sign
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