Donald Pleasence

Donald Pleasence
Donald Pleasence

Donald Henry Pleasence was an English actor. He began his career on stage in the West End before transitioning into a screen career, where he played numerous supporting and character roles including RAF Flight Lieutenant Colin Blythe in The Great Escape (1963), the villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld in the James Bond film You Only Live Twice (1967), SEN 5241 in THX 1138 (1971), and the deranged Clarence "Doc" Tydon in Wake in Fright (1971).

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General Info
Full Name
Donald Henry Pleasence
Date of Birth
October 5th, 1919
Birth Place
United Kingdom, England
Date of Death
February 2nd, 1995
Died Aged
Star Sign
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Loomis in Halloween
President in Escape from New York
Sam Loomis in Halloween II
SEN in THX 1138
Priest in Prince of Darkness
George in Cul-de-sac
Dr. Michaels in Fantastic Voyage
Doc Tydon in Wake in Fright
Dr. Jack Seward in Dracula
Doctor Harmon in Oh, God!
General Kahlenberge in The Night of the Generals
Cumber in Soldier Blue
Dr. Leo Bain in Alone in the Dark
Cedric Harper in The Black Windmill
Pere Dominic in Eye of the Devil
Heinrich Spaatz in River of Death
Judge Wargrave in Ten Little Indians
Don Alvise in Vampire in Venice
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