Famous People

List of Famous People named Grizel

Similar names: Grisel, Grissel, Grizell, Grissell, Grisell, Grizzel, Grisella, Grizzell, Grisilla. Here are some famous Grizels:

1. Grizel Cockburn

Female. (born 1660)
First Name: Grizel
Born on July 22, 1660 (age 362)

2. Grizel Bethune

Female. Peerage person ID=137571
First Name: Grizel
Died on August 18, 1579

3. Grizel Rattray

Female. Peerage person ID=109209
First Name: Grizel

4. Grizel Carmichael

Female. Peerage person ID=205237
First Name: Grizel

5. Grizel Campbell of Kilberry

Female. Peerage person ID=200549
First Name: Grizel

6. Grizel Maria Thomson of Charleton

Female. (died 1795)
First Name: Grizel
Died on July 5, 1795

7. Grizel Sempill

Female. Peerage person ID=719638
First Name: Grizel

8. Grizel Innes

Female. Peerage person ID=687712
First Name: Grizel
Died on August 19, 1664

9. Grizel Colville

Female. Peerage person ID=565640
First Name: Grizel

10. Grizel Baillie

Female. Peerage person ID=491806
First Name: Grizel

11. Grizel Stewart

Female. Born c. 1525
First Name: Grizel
Born on November 30, 1524 (age 498)

12. Grizel Colville

Female. Peerage person ID=172435
First Name: Grizel

13. Grizel Menzies

Female. Peerage person ID=667399
First Name: Grizel

14. Grizel Kirkpatrick

Female. died 1776
First Name: Grizel
Died on February 10, 1776

15. Grizel St Clair

Female. British peer
First Name: Grizel
Died on May 10, 1970

16. Grizel Rosemary Cochrane

Female. (born 1907)
First Name: Grizel
Born on June 3, 1907 (age 115)

17. Grizel Niven

Female. British sculptor
First Name: Grizel
Born on November 28, 1906
Died on January 28, 2007 (aged 100)

18. Grizel Gilmour

Female. (died 1975)
First Name: Grizel
Died on May 6, 1975 (aged 5)

19. Grizel Hamilton

Female. Peerage person ID=138301
First Name: Grizel

20. Grizel Gordon

Female. Peerage person ID=121322
First Name: Grizel
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