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Given Names and Surnames in Russia

Russian Federation (Россия) is a country in Eastern Europe. Covers an area of 17.1M square kilometres (6.6M sq mi). Shares its borders with Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Mongolia, Norway, Poland, Ukraine.

Most Common Surnames In Russia
Иванова (Ivanova) / Иванов (Ivanov) Кузнецова (Kuznetsova) / Кузнецов (Kuznetsov) Петрова (Petrova) / Петров (Petrov) Магомедова (Magomedova) / Магомедов (Magomedov) Смирнова (Smirnova) / Смирнов (Smirnov) Попова (Popova) / Попов (Popov) Волкова (Volkova) / Волков (Volkov) Васильева (Vasileva) / Васильев (Vasilev) Новикова (Novikova) / Новиков (Novikov) Морозова (Morozova) / Морозов (Morozov) (View All )

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