Names and Surnames in Philippines

The Philippines, officially the Republic of the Philippines, is an archipelagic country in Southeast Asia. Situated in the western Pacific Ocean, it consists of about 7,641 islands that are broadly categorized under three main geographical divisions from north to south: Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao. The capital city of the Philippines is Manila and the most populous city is Quezon City, both within the single urban area of Metro Manila. Bounded by the South China Sea to the west, the Philippine Sea to the east, and the Celebes Sea to the southwest, the Philippines shares maritime borders with Taiwan to the north, Japan to the northeast, Palau to the east, Indonesia to the south, Malaysia and Brunei to the southwest, Vietnam to the west, and China to the northwest.

  • Language: English
  • Capital: Manila
  • Population: 103.3M
  • Currency: PHP (₱)
  • Calling Code: +63
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Most Common Surnames In Philippines :
# Surname
1 dela Cruz
2 Garcia
3 Reyes
4 Ramos
5 Mendoza
6 Santos
7 Flores
8 Gonzales
9 Bautista
10 Villanueva
Most Common Names In Philippines :
Male Name Female Name
John Mary
Jose Maria
Mark Jocelyn
Michael Teresita
Joel Maricel
Romeo Evelyn
Antonio Josephine
Reynaldo Marilyn
Rolando Rowena
Danilo Erlinda
Random Names in Philippines by Name Generator :
Male Name
Rodolfo Mendoza
Jeffrey Alcantara
Edgar Valdez
Alfredo dela Cruz
Antonio Gonzales
John Espiritu
Jayson Enriquez
Ronald dela Peña
Roger Ramos
Jessie Martinez
Female Name
Jocelyn Garcia
Marites Reyes
Mary Aquino
Teresita Flores
Norma Vergara
Maria Sarmiento
Maricel Sanchez
Analyn Ramos
Marissa Perez
Imelda Ocampo
Closest Countries to Philippines by Given Names:
Country %
Panama 30.00%
Belize 30.00%
Costa Rica 26.00%
Bolivia 26.00%
Dominican Republic 25.00%
Venezuela 25.00%
Puerto Rico 25.00%
Colombia 24.00%
Mexico 24.00%
Uruguay 23.00%
Argentina 22.77%
Closest Countries to Philippines by Surnames:
Country %
Mexico 44.55%
Spain 37.62%
Panama 37.62%
Peru 37.62%
Honduras 37.62%
El Salvador 36.63%
Cuba 36.63%
Nicaragua 35.64%
Ecuador 35.64%
Dominican Republic 35.64%
Guatemala 34.65%
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