Names and Surnames in Panama

Panama, officially the Republic of Panama, is a transcontinental country in Central America and South America, bordered by Costa Rica to the west, Colombia to the southeast, the Caribbean Sea to the north, and the Pacific Ocean to the south. The capital and largest city is Panama City, whose metropolitan area is home to nearly half the country's 4 million people.

  • Language: Spanish
  • Capital: Panama City
  • Population: 3.8M
  • Currency: PAB (B/.) USD ($)
  • Calling Code: +507
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Most Common Surnames In Panama :
# Surname
1 Rodriguez
2 Gonzalez
3 Sanchez
4 Martinez
5 Castillo
6 Perez
7 Abrego
8 Hernandez
9 Garcia
10 Morales
Most Common Names In Panama :
Male Name Female Name
Jose Maria
Luis Ana
Carlos Rosa
Juan Carmen
Jorge Elizabeth
Ricardo Katherine
Manuel Diana
Roberto Luz
Francisco Maritza
Victor Gladys
Random Names in Panama by Name Generator :
Male Name
Francisco Ortega
Luis Martinez
Eric Atencio
Armando Vasquez
Eduardo Solis
Jose Campos
Hector Gonzalez
Manuel Ortiz
Alfredo Chavez
Oscar Sanchez
Female Name
Maria Hernandez
Vielka Santos
Angela Herrera
Silvia Atencio
Ana Martinez
Gladys Gonzalez
Katherine Quintero
Maribel Miranda
Carmen Sanchez
Juana Flores
Closest Countries to Panama by Given Names:
Country %
Venezuela 62.00%
Mexico 61.00%
Peru 58.00%
Colombia 56.00%
Dominican Republic 55.00%
Bolivia 52.00%
Argentina 51.49%
Nicaragua 50.00%
Costa Rica 49.00%
Puerto Rico 49.00%
Ecuador 48.00%
Closest Countries to Panama by Surnames:
Country %
Mexico 51.49%
Colombia 50.00%
Venezuela 49.00%
Cuba 48.52%
Peru 47.53%
Argentina 45.76%
Honduras 44.55%
Nicaragua 44.55%
Ecuador 44.55%
Spain 44.55%
Chile 42.98%
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