Names and Surnames in Kiribati

Kiribati, officially the Republic of Kiribati, is an independent country in the central Pacific Ocean. The permanent population is just over 110,000 (2015), more than half of whom live on Tarawa atoll. The state comprises 32 atolls and one raised coral island, Banaba. They have a total land area of 811 square kilometres and are dispersed over 3.5 million km2 (1.4 million sq mi).

  • Language: English
  • Capital: South Tarawa
  • Population: 113.4k
  • Currency: AUD ($) (none) ($)
  • Calling Code: +686
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Most Common Surnames In Kiribati :
# Surname
1 Ioane
2 Bauro
3 Ioteba
4 Timon
5 Betero
6 Teitikai
7 Timeon
8 Tamuera
9 Tooma
10 Beia
Most Common Names In Kiribati :
Random Names in Kiribati by Name Generator :
Male Name
Bauro Ioane
Ioteba Teitikai
Mikaere Iotia
Ioane Bauro
Eria Ioteba
Timon Timeon
Tiaon Betero
Betero Tamuera
Female Name
Bauro Timeon
Betero Timon
Tiaon Betero
Ioteba Ioteba
Ioane Bauro
Timon Teitikai
Mikaere Ioane
Eria Beia
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