Names and Surnames in Cyprus

Cyprus, officially called the Republic of Cyprus, is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean. The third largest and third most populous island in the Mediterranean, it is located south of Turkey; west of Syria, Northwest of Lebanon, Palestine & Israel, north of Egypt and southeast of Greece.

  • Language: Greek (modern), Turkish, Armenian
  • Capital: Nicosia
  • Population: 847.0k
  • Currency: EUR (€)
  • Calling Code: +357
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Most Common Surnames In Cyprus :
# Surname
1 Georgiou
2 Charalambous
3 Ioannou
4 Constantinou
5 Christodoulou
6 Demetriou
7 Michael
8 Nicolaou
9 Andreou
10 Antoniou
Most Common Names In Cyprus :
Male Name Female Name
Andreas Maria
Georgios Eleni
Costas Anna
Nicos Georgia
Panayiotis Panayiota
Kyriacos Androulla
Christos Christina
Charalambos Chrystalla
Christakis Elena
Marios Maroulla
Random Names in Cyprus by Name Generator :
Male Name
Georgios Paraskeva
Christakis Ioannou
Savvas Andreou
Yiannis Efthymiou
Loizos Christodoulou
Loucas Antoniou
Demetris Kyriacou
Pantelis Petrou
Kyriacos Charalambous
Costas Louca
Female Name
Anastassia Iacovou
Anna Philippou
Maria Constantinides
Chrystalla Leonidou
Elli Lambrou
Christina Michaelidou
Maroula Stavrou
Maroulla Panayi
Katerina Theodorou
Panagiota Loizou
Closest Countries to Cyprus by Given Names:
Country %
Greece 33.00%
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