Names and Surnames in Bhutan

Bhutan, officially known as the Kingdom of Bhutan, is a landlocked country in the Eastern Himalayas in South Asia. It is bordered by the Tibet Autonomous Region of China in the north, the Chumbi Valley of Tibet and is barely separated from Nepal, from the Indian state of Sikkim in the west and the Indian states of Assam, West Bengal, and Arunachal Pradesh in the south, east and southwest. Bhutan is geopolitically in South Asia and is the region's second-least-populous nation after the Maldives. Thimphu is its capital and the largest city, while Phuntsholing is its financial center.

  • Language: Dzongkha
  • Capital: Thimphu
  • Population: 775.6k
  • Currency: BTN (Nu.) INR (₹)
  • Calling Code: +975
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Most Common Surnames In Bhutan :
# Surname
1 Dorji
2 Wangmo
3 Rai
4 Dema
5 Zangmo
6 Tshering
7 Choden
8 Lhamo
9 Gurung
10 Wangchuk
Most Common Names In Bhutan :
Male Name Female Name
Wangdi Dema
Gyeltshen Deki
Ram Wangmo
Penjor Choden
Bal Lhamo
Tek Zangmo
Kado Phul
Nado Yangchen
Kharka Yangzom
Birkha Tshomo
Random Names in Bhutan by Name Generator :
Male Name
Karma Dorji
Kinley Wangdi
Sangay Wangmo
Rinchen Dema
Phurba Wangzom
Bir Subba
Sonam Yuden
Dhan Zangmo
Phub Mongar
Lal Tshewang
Female Name
Dechen Choden
Kezang Dorji
Pem Wangdi
Tshering Yangzom
Dema Tobgay
Pema Tshering
Phul Wangchuk
Deki Om
Chimi Dema
Choten Zangpo
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